How to Buy O2 in Pieces

One of the most popular comments I’ve come across since I discovered Origami Owl has been, “It’s too expensive,” to which I reply, “Just buy it in pieces and build it up!”

When someone hears that, they assume it means they will have charms and lockets sitting in a jewelry box for a year until they have a complete necklace. Oh, how wrong they are! The beauty of Origami Owl is the versatility of each piece. So, as proof that it’s possible to wear your O2 throughout your entire purchasing process, here’s a guide on how to purchase your necklace in pieces:

Purchase #1

Probably THE most versatile piece is the Over the Heart Chain ($18). There are a million and one ways to wear this chain with a locket, but no one realizes how fashionable it can be on its own!

Purchase #2

Adding two dangles will add some pizazz to your necklace. The two I used were $8 and $12. Dangles range between $8 and $18.


Purchase #3

Pick up one more dangle ($8-$18) and throw in a large Window Frame ($16). These can fit into your locket, work as a dangle, or create a link on your chain.

Purchase #4

Now it’s time for the big guy: the locket. Here, I threw in a large Silver Living Locket with Crystals ($28).


Purchase #5

This year brought one of my favorite additions to the O2 collection, the Nesting Hearts ($28). This trio includes a charm-sized heart with a Swarovski Crystal, a slightly larger hollow gold heart, and a large silver heart that fits flawlessly inside ofΒ a large locket. Additionally, the large heart has slots in the sides so it can be slid onto a wrap bracelet! I like to use the large heart as a link when I’m looking to switch things up.


Purchase #6

Here, we create the traditional Over the Heart look by adding a medium Silver Twist Over-the-Heart Locket with Crystals ($30). Move the medium nesting heart into this locket and throw the smallest heart into the large locket and you are golden!

Purchase #7

Finally, it’s time to grab some charms ($5-$6). Here, I threw five charms in with the smallest nesting heart.


And there you go! You have a ton of freedom with these pieces, and have the base to build and build onto it. These pieces give everything from a convertible chain to a necklace and bracelet set! So, get creative and don’t feel any impatience while you space out your purchase!



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