O2sday: Why I Joined O2/Five Piece Challenge


Happy O2sday!

As I have a tendency to do, I disappeared from my new blog for a bit longer than I had planned. But I’m here now, and that’s what really counts. Ask my other two failed blogs how often I come back after the first post… this is a big deal!

WP_20160531_19_22_32_ProAs a reward for your patience, we are going to pull some double duty this week. Last time, we were able to look at many different ways to wear your pieces as you are adding onto your overall look. Well, today, we are going to take it up a notch. I am going to limit myself to five pieces and try to create as many looks as possible. To add some extra challenge, I will not be using my go-to versatile Over-the-Heart Chain! While we work through that, I want to share the story of why I joined Origami Owl in the first place. So, sit back and relax or grab five of your favorite O2 pieces and take the O2 Five Piece Challenge with me!


I decided to use the 32″ Silver Flat Oval Link Custom Chain, Silver Locket Extender, Medium Silver Hinged Living Locket, Silver Key (Retired), and a Medium In{script}ions Plate with “Not all those who wander are lost.”

I was introduced to Origami Owl several years ago, when my older sister passionately began to tell me all about it. She had met with a designer and became obsessed. At the time, the company was just getting started and still relatively unknown. It was so new, in fact, that my sister had to join a waitlist to become a designer. While she sat on the waitlist, she worked with her designer to create a custom look that she happily presented to me for Christmas. From the first day I wore it, I was hooked.

From there, any time I had spare cash, I was throwing it at Origami Owl, ecstatically expanding my collection. I loved the idea of having the ability to change the look of my locket on any given day. Like any obsessive shopper, I was delighted to see the new additions over the years: bracelets, earrings, the CORE Collection, and the Tagged Collection (it has since been retired).

WP_20160531_18_55_17_ProOnce my collection had expanded to the point of obnoxious, my sister, who had finally been able to become a designer, suggested I sign up as a designer as well. For two years, I repeated, “No, it’s just not worth it to me,” every time she asked. Even though I acknowledged that I could save 30-50% on my purchases as a designer, I still didn’t want to sign up. The money that I could have used toward the O2 Starter Kit kept going toward seasonal launch items or holiday collections. Even though the starter kit was worth a lot more than I would pay for it, I still made the excuse that I wouldn’t get exactly what I wanted in the starter kit. And if anyone knows me, I’m all about what I want right now as opposed to what makes sense.

WP_20160531_18_50_13_ProIn August 2015, I started working a part-time job to save a little extra money toward a down payment on a house. I work 10-hour shifts, four days a week at my full-time job, so I devoted my three days off to my part-time job. I typically worked between eighteen and twenty-five hours there. Saturdays I worked the cash register, Sundays I rearranged the store, coming in as early as 6:00 AM, and Mondays I came to work at 3:00 AM and stocked shelves. Regardless of what we were doing, we were expected to wear makeup, have our hair fixed, and be dressed up every shift. I came home exhausted and sore most days, since I typically did quite a bit of lifting during my shifts. Being a retail job, I was on my feet constantly, so the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was stay on them. I hardly did chores, socialized even less than normal, and was just plain unpleasant overall (Kudos to anyone who works another job on top of a full-time job. You are a beast and don’t you ever forget it!).


This one is my favorite!

My big “aha!” moment came on a payday after about three months at my extra job. My sister and I were headed out for a fun day because I had somehow gotten the day off. She was checking her bank account to make sure her Origami Owl paycheck had been deposited when she got a big grin and let out a muted, “Yaaaaaay!” When I asked how much she got, I almost cried. She had made about $20 MORE than me, and she hadn’t even had to give up her weekends.WP_20160531_19_31_14_Pro

I put in my two weeks’ notice the following day and used my last paycheck to get my starter kit. Lo and behold, my starter kit was more than I could have ever imagined. There was so much in it, and it was full of things I had put off buying because I’d had to choose between items since I was on a budget. Looking back, I just want to shake the old me and convince her to sign up sooner. There really was no reason to go sell products for a company that paid minimum wage and offered terrible hours when there was a better company willing to give me 30-50% commission for what I sold. Most importantly, I have yet to even need to put on a pair of pants to sell Origami Owl, and if I don’t feel like working one day, I just don’t. That is living the dream!


And now, for your viewing pleasure, some not-so-flawless looks. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but it sure was fun. The pieces are all there, I believe in myself and I think I can figure them out! 😉


Want to host a Jewelry Bar or become a Designer?

Email me at O2_with_TQ@outlook.com.


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