O2sday: Beauty and the Owl

IMG_4707When you venture out to embrace the retelling of a tale as old as time, it’s important to bring the old nostalgia and inspiration along, especially if the tale’s heroine was the princess you always pretended to be when you were young. So, when I went to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend, I made sure I used whatever Origami Owl items I had that reflected this beloved story.

To start off, I chose gold as the base color. It fit so perfectly, which made a great justification as to why I am such a gold hoarder! With that theme set, I broke out my Gold Dangle Bracelet Chain. Off of the loop, I hung a short tassel and pearl, both of which are unfortunately retired. There are still, however, plenty of new dangles to choose from. With the dangles, I hung a Medium Gold Sentiments Locket. Inside, I used a Gold Mood Disc with three drops of Slimmer Down Now Essential Oil (because movie theatre snacks are everything). I am a huge fan of the Sentiments and Moodology collection, so I tend to work it into nearly every look.


For the main event, I went for a fairly chunky look. Using a Gold Locket Extender (retired, but the same piece is still available in silver), I hung two lockets and two dangles from my 24-26” Gold Cube Chain. I used two retired dangles on this piece as well. However, because the locket extender has clasps, you can hang CORE pieces off of them, which further expands the possibilities of this look.

For the lockets, I hung a Mini Gold Locket off of one of the clasps. Inside, I used a Pearl, Silver Treble Clef, and a retired Gold Rose. I hadn’t received my Rose Terrarium Charm yet, so I was unable to incorporate it. I am anxious for it to arrive so I can add it in! The Be Our Guest pieces are still available online, but only while supplies last!


The other locket, a personal favorite of mine, was a Gold Heritage Locket. I used a retired plate inside, inscribed with a snippet of a phenomenal quote from Walt Disney, “Where there is kindness, there is goodness. And where there is goodness, there is magic.” Although that specific plate is no longer available, there are several new Inscriptions pieces, including the lockets themselves! To top it off, I sprinkled in some Crystal Aurora Borealis Stardust Crystals. They added the perfect touch of magic to the locket and it remains one of my all-time favorite looks.

I loved this look so much and it was so wonderful to travel to my childhood and back with this piece. I have no plans to take apart this piece anytime soon, as I need it to hold onto that magic until I can buy the movie myself. The second you get the chance, it is a movie well worth seeing, and creating an Origami Owl look inspired by the movie is a wonderful way to make the moment last forever.IMG_4663



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