Purchase or Pass: Storybook Cosmetics Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette

Purchase or Pass: Lorac x Beauty and the Beast Makeup Collection

If you’ve read my previous Beauty and the Beast post, detailing the Origami Owl look I wore for the movie, then you already know that I am a big fan of this classic (if you haven’t, go check it out… I’ll wait). I was broken hearted when L’Oreal dropped their Beauty and the Beast inspired collection before the premiere. No matter how much I love the story and anything to do with it I couldn’t bring myself to purchase animal-tested products. Sad but standing firm, I accepted that my makeup collection would always be beastless.

Imagine my excitement when Lorac surprised us with a collection seemingly out of nowhere! Once I saw Lorac’s Instagram posts, I latched onto that collection faster than I latch onto hummus at the grocery store! Sadly, I didn’t see them until after the lipstick collection had sold out, but a spot of serendipity allowed them to be released at ULTA, so I was able to get them in time to include them in this review!

While I waited for my collection impatiently, I hopped onto YouTube and kept an eye out for reviews. There were quite a few reviews, but to my dismay, everyone used the palette to create pretty neutral and “natural” looks. With those beautiful colors, I was expecting to find some pretty interesting looks (although I did find one that I loved). So, when I got my order, I decided to do my best to test out the products throughout the rest of the week to see what I could come up with and how the products wore. Now, go grab a drink and a snack because this is a long one.

Starting with the eyeshadow palette, the colors were stunning. They are the usual Pro formula, but I did feel like there was less fallout in the pan as opposed to the Pirates of the Caribbean palette. As has been my experience with all Pro products, fallout on the actual eye was almost nonexistent. The colors were beautifully pigmented and blended well. I did a rosy eye first (which tends to be my go-to) and it turned out perfect. I followed that with a traditional smoky eye (which definitely was too much for work, but I barely leave my own office anyways, so no big deal). My final weekday look was ____. I skipped eyelid primer just to see what would happen. I have hooded eyelids so shadows tend to transfer melt away in my real crease. Most Fridays at work don’t warrant a lot of effort from me, so if I became a hot mess part way through the day, it wasn’t a big deal! I’m happy to say the first two looks (with primer) stayed put all day with no creasing or patchiness, and the third look ______. The eyeshadow palette retails for $52

The cheek palette blew me away. Initially, I thought I would skip it since I had just bought the Dead Men Tell No Tales cheek palette, but, ever the shopaholic, I talked myself into it. The blushes in this palette were more my style and shade. I tried a different one each day and used the highlighter every day as well. The highlighter was a happy surprise. Because I am very fair, I thought it wouldn’t work for me. But thanks to my Coola Sunless Tan Serum, I am a baby bit darker these days, and the highlight was actually beautiful!

The lipstick collection just came in yesterday, so I was only able to test it out one full day. ___

The lipgloss collection was a bit of a dud for me. Since I didn’t have the lipsticks for most of the week, I tried just using the glosses by themselves. I’m disappointed to say that they are not nearly as pigmented as the Alter Ego lipglosses, which was what I was expecting. I ended up having to use other lipsticks beneath them to get some color, but paired with a lipstick, they did look great. I paired ___ with Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Queen B and it was by far my favorite lip of the week! With my smoky eye I kept a nude lip using ____ with Nyx Liquid Lip Lingerie in Lace Detail underneath. And with my ___ eye, I paired ___ with ___ from the collection. I would say if you plan on buying the glosses, be aware that you will need a lipstick underneath if you want anything other than a sheer, slight tint on your lips.

Overall, this collection was definitely worth the money. It is currently sold out on the Lorac website, but is available at ULTA. Not only are the products amazing, the packaging is phenomenal. I live for gold, so this collection was designed after my own heart! I can’t wait to get this diary-like eyeshadow palette on display next to my Wizardry and Witchcraft book!

That’s right. Another beauty blog. What can I say? I’ve become such a makeup hoarder that my makeup “corner” is beginning to take over my entire room. I figured the best way to justify my weekly beauty purchases would be to start sharing my professional thoughts on products—and by professional, I mean the amateur opinions of someone who worked three months at Ulta and got way too carried away with the employee discount. That being said, I get twitchy-eyed and shaky over highly pigmented shadows and a flawless liquid lip just like the best beauty gurus do, so that’s all that really matters. Now that you have my credentials, let’s get started!

IMG_0136I feel like I started seeing this palette pop up online a hundred years ago and I never thought that it would be real. But when I saw Storybook Cosmetics was truly launching this Wizardry and Witchcraft palette, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Although it’s not a licensed Harry Potter collaboration, it’s pretty obviously inspired by the story and I am all about collecting makeup inspired by stories and movies (I’m looking at you, too, Lorac). I put in my order as soon as it became available for preorder and then the long wait began.

When the box finally came, it was surreal. The packaging on this product is phenomenal. I can’t decide whether I want to store this palette with my makeup or on my bookshelf! IMG_0135Designed like a classic hardcover, this palette opens up to a good-sized mirror and twelve incredible shadows.

And here is what you’ve been waiting for: THOSE SHADOWS! Holy pigmentation! Each of these shadows create a bold look instantly. If you are going fo a “natural” or “soft” look, I would strongly advise using a light hand when applying these shadows.

The texture of these shadows is soft and beautiful. There is little to no fallout when you dip your brush in and they are easily blendable. Though they swatched beautifully using my fingers, I felt like they performed even better when I used a brush!

Clearly, the colors are stunning. The only shade that wasn’t “Bam! In your face!” on me was Prophecy. As I am very fair (even with a bottle of fake tan on), it is nearly invisible on my skin. It worked wonderfully as a setting shadow for my primer though, so for me that was a bonus!

Overall, this palette is a complete win for me. It lets me indulge in my makeup obsession and mixes it into my love of fantasy! Retailing for $52, it is a fairly pricey palette but worth every penny. The ultimate feature that sealed the purchase for me was that this extraordinary product is cruelty-free (Note: This product is not vegan). I am impatiently awaiting future releases from Storybook Cosmetics. We’ve been teased with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Burn Book images, so I can’t imagine that this will be the last product I pick up from these talented triplets!


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