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From my teen years to today, I’ve wanted to be a writer. But I never wanted to just write one genre, I wanted to write everything: epic fantasy, horror, crime, comedy, you name it! That has translated into my attempts at blogging as well. I’ve struggled to keep up with18920334_10155377875402090_4035773792480963068_n a blog because I want to write about makeup, but I’ve also been interested in lifestyle tips and tricks. And lately, as I’ve kicked off my own health journey, I’ve really enjoyed watching other bloggers and vloggers’ successes, struggles, and ideas and I thought, “I should do that!” But, after reading every blog tip on the internet, I would nix the “all-in-one” blog and try to carve out a niche like the bloggers who blog about blogging tell you to. But let me tell you, writing just a beauty blog, or just a health blog… that doesn’t keep me interested. Most of the time I say, “I’ll write it later,” and end up re-watching the entire series of Game of Thrones. So, I’ve decided to forget about the niches and just do as I please! If you’re interested in a hubbub of things I enjoy, stick around!


IMG_0151A few years ago, I got hooked on watching YouTube makeup tutorials and reviews. Next thing I knew, I had more makeup than any one person would ever need! The problem? Most reviews included one makeup look with a new palette or collection (and usually a similar look from every guru), and by the next week, the palette was replaced by a new one, never to be mentioned again. So, here I am with 50 palettes and no follow-up reviews or ideas about using them! I decided it was time to revisit those “forgotten” palettes and start being creative myself! Most importantly, I wanted to know, “Once the hype of a new launch dies down, is the palette really any good?”


Losing weight sucks. It’s hard, it’s frustrating, and nobody wants to do it. But, sometimes you’ve just got to do what is best for your body. I recently got bloodwork back and all of my numbers were pretty much perfect. I don’t need to change, right? When winter begins to creep up on you, you blow out the hoses and the sprinkler system so nothing freezes and bursts. Sure, you could skip the winterizing and hope for a warm winter or some luck, but in all likelihood, you’re going to have to repair or replace the things you didn’t winterize come summertime. Why are we willing to take preventative measures with our home, car, and the other things around us, but not with our health. You can sometimes repair your body, but you can’t replace it. Why do we always wait for a heath scare or an actual issue to change? After this stream of thoughts, I decided I shouldn’t take my healthy bloodwork as a sign that everything will be fine. Since all of the social media personalities that have turned their health around have pretty consistently said that social media has been a great tool for accountability and motivation, here we are, kicking off an adventure to a healthier life and I’m putting it out there so you can adventure alongside me!


I said I don’t want to have to commit to one thing and I meant it. I love cleaning videos, articles, and hacks, trying out a fun Dollar Tree DIY, seeing how everyone else arranges their planner, and learning new ways to organize all of the nonsense I’ve accumulated over the years! Once in a while, I have pretty okay ideas too, so I want to be able to share the vast wisdom that I’ve gained from Pinterest and, let’s be real, have a legitimate excuse to go to the dollar store ten times a month!

If you read all that, get excited because there’s a lot more to come! I’m so excited to have you here to bask in beauty products, find your healthier self, or [to use one of the most overused phrases in ever] to live your best life!

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