Hi there! I’m Trinda!

From my teen years to today, I’ve wanted to be a writer. But I never wanted to just write one genre, I wanted to write everything: epic fantasy, horror, crime, comedy, you name it! That has translated into my attempts at blogging as well. I’ve struggled to keep up with a blog because I just can’t decide on my “niche.” After all this time, I’ve decided it’s better to give up on finding a niche than to give up on writing!

After that compromise with myself, I ended up with the rebirth of Letters, Lipstick, and Lettuce. Here, you’ll find a Book of the Week that will set the theme for the week.

On Sunday, we’ll review the book, but we’ll do it with makeup. A good book equals a lovely look. A bad book results in a makeup look that even beer goggles won’t fix!

On Tuesday, we’ll delve into writing tips and tricks the Book of the Week’s author follows.

On Thursday, it’s time to get healthy and take on a health or fitness challenge inspired by the Book of the Week.

Finally, on Saturday, we use our newfound writing knowledge and take on a writing prompt.

I’m excited to have finally found and embraced my non-niche and hope there’s a little something around here for you to enjoy too!

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Twitter: @TrindaQ